CBR ExclusivesZordon Is Still Keeping Dangerous Secrets from the Team

Zordon Is Still Keeping Dangerous Secrets from the Team


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The return of one of the greatest Power Rangers of all time just so happens to also be the latest betrayal among the Mighty Morphin team.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Power Rangers Unlimited: Edge of Darkness #1 by Frank Gogol, Simone Ragazzoni, Igor Monti, Sabrina Del Grosso and Ed Dukeshire, on sale now.

The world of the Power Rangers has never been a particularly kind one, even with all of the colorful heroes and high-flying adventures. And now, their mentor Zordon has been keeping dangerous secrets from the team, and his latest could spell disaster for the entire universe depending on just what his relationship to the enigmatic Phantom Ranger is.

As Edge of Darkness begins, readers are given a horrifying glimpse at what little remains of the Hartunian homeworld following the latest Empyreal attack. While complete and total eradication of all life on the planet was apparent at the moment it happened, the aftermath of the Empyreal’s wrath is no less shocking to see up close. Though nothing remains of what once was, there is still a single lost soul wandering the wastes in the form of the Phantom Ranger. This mission isn’t the Phantom Ranger’s alone, though, as they are quick to communicate their position to Zordon himself, and that alone might be enough to bring an end to the Mighty Morphin team.

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Trust has been one of the biggest things lacking in the Rangers’ lives lately, especially among allies. It was the threat of Empyreals that brought the Omega Rangers to beg Zordon for Lord Drakkon’s help, and when they were denied it was what led them to betray their former mentor and kidnap the would-be tyrant anyway. This could have been because Zordon didn’t understand how grave the situation was, but as the Phantom Ranger reporting back to him proves, Zordon knows the stakes well enough already. Maybe he didn’t before the Guardians of Eltar reached out to him, although they are at this point just another faction with dark secrets of their own. Whatever role the Phantom Ranger has to play, it being done outside the purview of any prying eyes is surely a good thing for the moment, but even that makes Zordon more of a hypocrite than is acceptable.

When the new Green Ranger first burst onto the scene, it was clear that Billy Cranston had some knowledge of who was behind that refurbished helmet. Ever since it became public knowledge that he had the biggest hand in recreating the Green Ranger and Dragon Powercoin, his relationship with Zordon has been strained to say the least, as has his relationship with his teammates. Matthew Cook has been an incredible ally to the others as the Green Ranger, but his origin being rooted in lies has soured things between the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in ways that might not be mendable. Now that Zordon has his own secret Ranger, there is no telling what the fallout of their inevitable unveiling could be.

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Zordon may even be keeping other secrets from the Power Rangers besides their Phantom counterpart. Then again, he may feel that he has to consider the string of betrayals dealt to him by his own Rangers, not to mention the myriad lies they have been telling one another. There is even a chance that Zordon knows he cannot trust the Guardians of Eltar and has kept the Phantom Ranger a secret so that he can keep at least one ally uncompromised by any other. Even if that were the case, it wouldn’t explain why he has kept his knowledge of the seriousness of the Empyreal threat to himself, nor would it explain why the Phantom Ranger and he have such a long history together.

No matter how bad the Rangers have been lately, it’s clear they aren’t the only ones with at least some dirt on their hands. Hopefully, when it all comes to light there are still Power Rangers left after the dust settles.

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