Why Fox News Has Given Up On Captain America

Fox News spent multiple segments this week taking issue with the new United States of Captain America miniseries and its critique of the American Dream.

Fox News spent multiple segments this week taking umbrage with the first issue of Marvel’s United States of Captain America miniseries, where writer Christopher Cantwell has Captain America question the concept of the “American Dream,” with the network’s hosts and guests arguing that Marvel is trying to make Captain America fit into what they call “the fashionable trend of hating America.”

Longtime comic book fans, however, took issue with Fox’s general objection of Marvel “politicizing Captain America” due to the fact that Captain America has been a character steeped in politics ever since he debuted punching out Hitler on the cover of Captain America Comics #1 in 1940.

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The first issue of the new series, which will be introducing a new Captain America from across the country in each issue, opens with Steve Rogers reflecting upon a famous line he used in Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli’s “Born Again” Daredevil storyline where Captain America decried the idea of him being loyal to the United States government by pointing out that he is only loyal to the American Dream. Well, in this issue, Rogers thinks upon how the “American Dream” is misunderstood and too easily turned into Nationalism.

Fox did not like this criticism and the network kicked things off on Monday with Senator Tom Cotton, who actively objects to so-called “cancel culture” suggesting that we, in effect, “cancel” Captain America, stating that Captain America needs a demotion to Lieutenant.

Fox and Friends followed up on Tuesday by inviting Dean Cain, who played Superman on Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, to take Marvel to task for criticizing America. The actor noted, “America is the greatest country in history. It is not perfect. We are constantly striving for a more perfect union, but I believe she is the most fair and equitable country ever” while also taking issue with this comic book for…pointing out that America is not perfect.

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Later, Fox invited comedian Michael Loftus to talk about his anger over Captain America’s politics, as well, and how much he believes it violates the history of Marvel Comics and Stan Lee, who he feels is the embodiment of the American Dream.

Of course, Stan Lee was writing overtly liberal Captain America stories fifty years ago, but apparently, those issues are not what are being taken into consideration when complaining about Captain America being “too political” today.

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