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Who Has the DC Universe’s Strongest Punch?


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The DC Universe has some of the strongest, most iconic superheroes and supervillains in modern fiction, including characters capable of moving entire worlds with their bare hands and shattering the bounds of reality itself. With Superman, the Flash and many other heroes literally packing punches with seismic payloads, one of the eternal questions is which character exactly has the strongest punch in the entire DCU.

Now, we’re taking a closer look at the heroes and villains with the strongest punches, including specific examples showcasing their sheer magnitude and whose mighty punch reigns supreme in the DCU.

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Heroes don’t earn titles like the Man of Steel without packing a serious punch and, as the flagship character of the entire DCU, Superman has delivered many of the most potent punches in DC history. Empowered by Earth’s yellow solar radiation, able to grow stronger the more solar rays he absorbs as seen during the crossover event Our Worlds at War, Superman has an incredible punch that’s moved planets and dealt knockout blows to dozens of cosmic-level threats.

While Superman has thrown plenty of epic punches over the years, one of his most impressive came in 2019’s Justice League #25, by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Jorge Jimenez and Javier Fernandez, with the Man of Tomorrow throwing a punch so powerful that it cracked the Sixth Dimension.

The Flash

Capable of running fast enough to break through the boundaries of space and time through his connection to the Speed Force, the Flash can deliver a surprisingly epic punch by moving at velocities that bend the very laws of physics. Described as the Infinite Mass Punch, the Scarlet Speedster moves near the speed of light to increase his mass.

Wally West has used this move to lay out opponents far stronger than him physically, like the White Martians in 1997’s JLA #3, by Grant Morrison and Howard Porter. He has also knocked out the Reverse-Flash in a single punch thanks to the strategy. It is important to note that Superman is also capable of the Infinite Mass Punch.

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Captain Atom

Captain Atom being ripped apart by energy

One of the quietly most powerful superheroes in the DCU is Captain Atom, the character who Watchmen‘s omnipotent hero Doctor Manhattan was effectively based on. Air Force officer Nathaniel Adam was subjected to an experimental procedure that coated his body with a metallic substance known as Dislustel, linked to the extra-dimensional Quantum Field.

While perhaps not particularly impressive at first glance, this Justice League veteran’s body allows him to absorb unlimited amounts of energy and further charge the Quantum Field from which he draws his powers. This has allowed Atom to confront Superman and even the Spectre and more than physically hold his own in the past suggesting that, should he absorb enough energy, a punch from Captain Atom could be limitless.


Possessing the immense power levels on par with the Golden/Silver Superman, fueled by yellow solar radiation, and boasting an additional power boost from the Anti-Monitor armor that draws energy straight from the multiverse, Superboy-Prime is one of the most formidable antiheroes in the history of DC, often leaning towards supervillainy more often than not.

In the lead-up to the Geoff Johns, George Perez, Phil Jiminez, Ivan Reis and Jerry Ordwar crossover event Infinite Crisis, Superboy-Prime grew frustrated and jealous of the heroes of the DCU and repeatedly struck the walls of the pocket dimension he was housed in, with the blows so powerful that they subtly warped reality. During Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s crossover event Dark Nights: Death Metal, a repentant Prime musters his strength to punch the Darkest Knight with enough power to damage hurt and destroy the corrupted realities the multiversal villain crafted.

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Superman One Million

Kal Kent, the Superman of the 853rd century, as depicted during the crossover event DC One Million, leads the Justice Legion Alpha to defend the far-future DCU. After forming a pact with the Golden Superman residing within the sun, Superman One Million can gain power from yellow sun radiation and also boasts power from his 5th Dimension heritage.

The most impressive physical feat shown by Superman One Million has Kal punch through time itself after being inspired by Starman’s sacrifice, connecting his timeline to that of the main DCU, leading the Justice League and Justice Legion to come to each other’s aid.

DC’s Most Devestating Punch

Superman Fights Superboy Prime

Superboy-Prime has proven himself to be stronger than any single superhero can handle, including Superman on multiple occasions. Even without the Anti-Monitor armor, Prime has altered all of reality by punching a pocket universe and, just when all hope seemed lost during Death Metal, Prime singlehandedly turned the tide of battle.

Although he may be a controversial figure, Superboy-Prime has the mightiest punch in the DC Multiverse, whether turned against an opponent or the walls of reality itself.

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