What You Need To Know About DC’s Stargirl

Critics and audiences have been praising DC’s Stargirl since its inception. As this superhero drama continues to unfold, the show’s undertones have shifted from dark to bright to dark again. Despite the uncertainty that lies in front of her, Stargirl remains hopeful and energetic.


DC’s Stargirl is notable for its clever screenwriting and character study. After the original Justice Society of America is killed off, high schooler Courtney Whitmore comes across the Cosmic Staff and learns that her stepfather was Starman’s sidekick. With this insight, Courtney creates a new Justice Society and takes up the moniker of Stargirl. The new Justice Society is energetic and hopeful, but they lack experience and don’t understand what they’re in for. This vulnerability adds a great deal of suspense to the show’s premise.


Geoff Johns decided to create a new show that would revive awe-inspiring qualities commonly found in 1980s science fiction films. Johns has cited Back to the Future and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial as influences. For Stargirl’s role, actress Brec Bassinger was selected over hundreds of other candidates because her youthful optimism mirrored what the writers had in mind for the superheroine. While Stargirl was often older and more serious in past incarnations, DC’s Stargirl takes inspiration from the comic Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E., which presents a teenage, naïve version of the character.

First Season

In the first season, the Injustice Society comprises the prime villains Stargirl must deal with. While the Justice Society are a newly formed group of youngsters, the Injustice Society are elder statesmen who have been involved in battles, espionage and domination for a long time. The villainous faction dwells in Blue Valley under their civilian personas after destroying the original Justice Society. After receiving word of Stargirl’s discovery of the Cosmic Staff and her formation of a new Justice Society, the Injustice Society leaps back into action. Subverting the public through mind control becomes high priority for the villains, as well as attempting to hinder Stargirl’s endeavors to save the region.

Second Season

After the Injustice Society is dismantled, Cindy Burman breaks into their headquarters and steals the Black Diamond, which harbors an evil essence (Eclipso) whose powers she’d like to beckon. Cindy persuades Artemis Crock, Sportsmaster and Isaac Bowin to help her fight against the Justice Society. This group is dubbed Injustice Unlimited and Cindy begins calling herself Shiv. The villains’ endeavors fall apart when Eclipso is accidentally released from the diamond and betrays the Injustice Society. Now free to do whatever he wishes, Eclipso stands as a formidable nemesis to Stargirl and her team. Stargirl begins to research the elusive villain to better understand his ways.

DC’s Stargirl is notable for its sharp twists and turns, and the plot continues to thicken as the second season rolls on. Stargirl and the Justice Society bring buoyancy to the grim conditions that surround them. While the team members have had their share of hiccups, they’ve shown tremendous character development as they learn what it takes to be superheroes.

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