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Suicide Squad Sends Bloodsport on a Lethal DC Multiverse Mission


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As Amanda Waller sets the Suicide Squad’s sights on the entire DC Multiverse, one of the DCEU’s major antiheroes steps up to take point.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Suicide Squad #5, by Robbie Thompson, Dexter Soy, Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, Joe Prado, Alex Sinclair and Wes Abbott, on sale now.

One of the most prominent characters making their DC Extended Universe introduction in James Gunn’s eagerly anticipated blockbuster film The Suicide Squad is Bloodsport. Portrayed by Idris Elba, the gun-toting antihero has gained considerable infamy from putting the DCEU’s Superman in intensive care, echoing a similar confrontation the two characters had in the comic books.

And as the comic book Amanda Waller embarks on her own ambitious mission during the Infinite Frontier era, she enlists Bloodsport for a very specific task that takes the masked antihero all the way to the morally inverted universe of Earth-3, home of the villainous Crime Syndicate of America.

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Bloodsport Suicide Squad Earth-3

Future State revealed that Amanda Waller intended to supplant the Crime Syndicate with a version of Task Force X made to resemble the Justice League and reshape the alternate universe as she saw fit. As Waller steadily assembled an ensemble to complete the multiversal ruse, she sent Bloodsport ahead to Earth-3 with a two-fold mission of his own in advance of her plans taking their own major step forward: Performing reconnaissance of the alternate world and its super-powered denizens and extract the Crime Syndicate’s Black Canary analogue, Black Siren, as the latest unwilling recruit on the Suicide Squad and Waller’s expanded mission parameters, directly from the President of the United States, to take her mission across the reborn multiverse.

As Bloodsport details his time on Earth-3 in dossier reports back to Waller, it is implied that the antihero has been performing reconnaissance on the parallel Earth for some time, potentially several months under deep cover. In addition to identifying each of the members of the Crime Syndicate for Waller, Bloodsport takes the time to see how his family on this alternate universe has fared, with Earth-3’s Robert DuBois a schoolteacher instead of a supervillain and mercenary, befitting the morally inverted nature of this particular universe.

However, as well prepared as Bloodsport may be, he eventually discovers that he is in over his head. After cornering Black Siren in a back alley while the rest of the Crime Syndicate is occupied with a massive threat, Bloodsport is discovered by Ultraman who quickly realizes the masked gunman is from a different world. Believing the evil Superman analogue to possess the same weakness to Kryptonite as his Superman, Bloodsport shoots him with a Kryptonite laced round only to discover that Kryptonite only empowers Ultraman. Hungry for more, Ultraman easily subdues Bloodsport and prepares to interrogate him to learn where to obtain more Kryptonite and who exactly this Amanda Waller that he has regularly been relaying information to.

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Suicide Squad Ultraman vs Bloodsport

Bloodsport’s most notorious feat had him singlehandedly bring the Man of Steel to his news but he quickly discovered his usual tricks only stand to backfire on him against Ultraman and his unique Earth-3 physiology. Waller entrusted Bloodsport with the vital task of gathering intel and recruits on an alternate universe for an even more ambitious infiltration with the rest of the Suicide Squad taking point. Instead, Bloodsport has just blown Waller’s entire mission, leading to a multiversal showdown between two of the most violent teams across the DC Multiverse that is sure to lead to the already beleaguered Suicide Squad suffering even more casualties as the fate of two worlds hang in the balance.

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