comic booksStoryworlds Announces FAB Breakout Anthology!

Storyworlds Announces FAB Breakout Anthology!


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FAB, the hit debut title from UK publisher, Storyworlds, is excited to announce an all-new addition to its fall catalogue, FAB Breakout Book 1: Mad World! The collaboration of short stories which is based on the premise of the FAB series, was announced for open enrollment via Twitter in early 2021. After much deliberation and sifting through an impressive list of submissions from talented artists and writers alike, the choices were narrowed down to comprise 10 shorts in one amazing collection with help from British comic book editor Steve White, featuring letters by Taylor Esposito and cover by Alex Ronald.

The original premise of FAB Book 1: Pandora finds a new 3D printing technology leaked into the black market, allowing people to make whatever they want, including clones of themselves. In FAB Breakout Book 1: Mad World, a rogue 3D printing tech has been released to all mankind. Twenty breakthrough writers and artists synthesize stories from a world where wishes are made real at the touch of a button. Fabbing in 3, 2, 1…POK!

The anthology titles include stories and art from the following creators: FELICITY’S FABULOUS FUZZY FRIENDS (W: Helen Mullane, A: Vasilis Lolos); LOOK MA (W:  Murewa Ayodele, A: Adeotun Akande); CHEAP MEAL (W: Ramzee, A: Fernando Pinto); I NEED A HERO (W: Anne Toole, A: Connor Boyle); FAB PLAY (W: Kek W, A: Yishan Li); FABROPHOBIA (W: Liam Johnson, A: Gabbie Scanlon); BABY BOOM (W: Leonie Moore, A: Kelsey Ramsey, CO: Lou Ashworth); FAB-BING IN THE WOODS (W: Ned Hartley, A: Dan Boultwood); AVATARA (W: John Tomlinson, A: Amoona Saohin); SHIFTS (W: Jarred Lujan, A: Alexey Ivanov).

FAB, the debut Storyworlds title celebrated by creator Kieron Gillen and, is now available to order. FAB Breakout Book 1: Mad World hits shelves this fall!

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