Ms Mystic #2 – Neal Adams art & cover

Neal Adams

Ms. Mystic v1 #2, 1984 – As Ms. Mystic travels in the astral plane, aliens suddenly kidnap her unconscious body. A good portion of the book is divided into two storylines, running parallel on the same double-page spreads. Like the previous issue, Neal Adams‘ pencils and layouts are instantly recognizable, starting with an exceptional birds-eye view of a world deep underground. The overall inking, however, lacks clarity. Mike Nasser and others seem to have helped out with the final delineations. On Adams’ nearly symmetrical cover, the background figures purposely resemble the Fantastic Four. Other artists in this Pacific copper age superhero comic include Chris Miller. This is number 2 of 2 Ms. Mystic issues with Adams art and/or covers. 
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Adams cover pencils and inks = ***
In the Womb Adams story pencils and inks (Mike Nasser partial inks) 24 pages = ***

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