1940sMilitary Comics #1 - 1st Blackhawk (key)

Military Comics #1 – 1st Blackhawk (key)


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Military Comics #1

Military Comics v1 #1, 1941 – During the advent of World War Two, a group of Polish fighter pilots take to the air to fend off a Nazi squadron. Only one crashes and survives, but the enemy in pursuit bombs his family farmhouse. Vowing revenge, the lone pilot adopts a new persona that begins to terrorize the Nazis. Blackhawk makes his key first appearance without any reference to his real name. His unnamed team of Blackhawks and secret island headquarters are also revealed for the first time. Other notable characters that debuted this issue are Death Patrol (a group of convicts fighting Nazis in England) and Miss America (whose magical powers are given to her by the Statue of Liberty). Blackhawk’s origin in this Quality golden age war comic was written by Will Eisner. Cover by Eisner. See more Military Comics or Blackhawk issues.

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“Blackhawk” Chuck Cuidera pencils and inks 11 pages

1st Blackhawk

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