‘Laura Kinney Is Wolverine, Not X-23’ Goes Viral

Fans on social media discuss the history of Laura Kinney, Wolverine, in a debate over the proper way to refer to the character.

Fans on social media are discussing the history of Laura Kinney, Wolverine, in a viral debate over the proper way to refer to the character, after some fans continue to call the character X-23.

The whole debate stems, in part, from the recent United States of Captain America #1 where Sam Wilson returns to the Captain America mantle at the behest of Steve Rogers, and fans discuss the fact that Sam is Captain America as well as Laura being Wolverine, names that they each took initially when filling in for the original heroes who used those names. Despite both Sam and Laura initially returning to their other names upon the return of the other heroes (Falcon for Sam and X-23 for Laura), they are each back to sharing the more iconic names and some fans take objection to that, leading to an outcry on social media in favor of Laura being known as Wolverine.

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It was in the pages of Jonathan Hickman and R. B. Silva’s X-Men #5, Laura officially reclaimed the title of Wolverine, much to Logan’s approval. The main argument in favor of not using the name X-23 is that it was a name given to Laura by the evil organization that tried to turn her into an assassin, so that it would be like calling Logan Weapon X instead of Wolverine.

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And some fans have some fun celebrating Laura’s more recent appearances as Wolverine…

However, some fans point out that it was Marvel who sent Laura back to the X-23 name after Logan returned to life with a new X-23 series following her debut as Wolverine in the All-New Wolverine series (which came out after Logan was seemingly killed in 2014’s Death of Wolverine #4).

In addition, the discussions tie into the film, Logan, which introduced Dafne Keen as Laura/X-23…

It appears as though the rumors that Hugh Jackman might return as Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (as opposed to Laura taking over the role) have spurred on these viral conversations. In a bit of an amusing coincidence, all of the posts explaining why Laura ISN’T X-23 have, quite paradoxically, caused X-23 to trend on Twitter ahead of Wolverine.

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