CBR ExclusivesHow the Arrowverse Hero Finally Joined the Teen Titans

How the Arrowverse Hero Finally Joined the Teen Titans


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Although Supergirl usually isn’t much older than the Teen Titans, her brief time on the team didn’t go as well as anyone in the DC Universe hoped.

Though Supergirl is often defined by her desire to make her own way in the world — especially in the Arrowverse — the Girl of Steel has also joined the occasional team over the years. She has famously been a part of the Legion of  Superheroes at various times and even joined the Justice League, but what about the Teen Titans?

Supergirl is around the same age as those in the teenage team, but she stayed completely separate from them for a long time. In 2007, circumstances arose that led to her finally being offered membership to the Titans. Unfortunately, this interesting era was short-lived.

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She first joined the team in Teen Titans #48 by Adam Beechen and Al Barrionuevo, however, she wasn’t a member. This two-issue arc tied into the “Amazons Attack!” crossover arc that would underscore her primary relationship within the Titans and her friendship with Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark, as well as sow the seeds of her departure. Supergirl #22 by Tony Bedard and Renato Guedes explains that her team up with Cassie and the Titans took place before she joined the team.

Supergirl had regained her memories of her time with the Legion of Superheroes and missed the feeling of being a hero with others. She felt it was time to step out of her cousin’s shadow and make her own decisions. Superman agreed and informed her that the Titans wanted her as a member. Supergirl made her first appearance as part of the official Titans roster in Teen Titans #50.

Although she helped them take down Lobo, Supergirl’s first issue with the team is overshadowed by the recent deaths of Bart Allen and Conner Kent. Supergirl’s first major adventure as a Titan comes with the return of the Titans of Tomorrow — corrupted authoritarian versions of the Teen Titans from nine years in the future. It is revealed that Supergirl was one of three heroes that opposed the rule of these twisted superheroes, making her one of their primary targets. Supergirl helped the Titans defeat their evil counterparts along with an invading Starro, who was powered by Yellow Lantern as part of the ongoing Sinestro Corps War.

During this story, Cassie’s time with her future self reveals some painful truths about her friendship with the Girl of Steel. Future Cassie told her present-day counterpart that they used Supergirl to fill the Kryptonian-shaped void left by the death of Superboy, Conner Kent. The future version of Conner made things worse by telling Cassie that Supergirl wanted Cassie to be alone so that the lonely Kryptonian could have a friend.

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In Teen Titans #55 by Sean McKeever and Jamal Igle, Cassie told Supergirl all of this, informing her that their friendship was over along with her Titan’s membership. The Girl of Steel’s departure from the team was entirely due to her friendship with Wonder Girl, or lack thereof. Supergirl didn’t seem to mind leaving the team, however, as she was more concerned with getting as far away from Cassie as possible.

Though Supergirl may have featured in eight issues of the Teen Titans series, she was only a Titan for six. Even then, in her sixth and final issue on the team, she only appears at the very beginning while leaving Titans Tower for the last time. Though her time with the Teen Titans was short, it wouldn’t be long before she graduated to a greater team. After Brightest Day, she became an official member of the Justice League, where she finally found a place she could belong and proved that she could indeed step out of Superman’s shadow.

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