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CW’s Legends of Tomorrow – Season 5 Season Episode 5: “Mortal Khanbat”recap, breakdown, comic universe connections


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Season 5 Premiere:  Crisis on Infinite Earths (Part 5)

Episode 1: “Meet the Legends” (5 out of 5)

Episode 2: Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me (5 out of 5)

Episode 3: Slay Anything  (4 out of 5)

Episode 4:  A Head of Her Time (4 out of 5)

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Constantine comes to and finds himself on a stretcher as he is taken to the med bay of the Waverider. Gideon scans him and reports that he is suffering from an aggressive case of terminal lung cancer. John, realizing that there is nothing he can do, lights up and starts smoking right there, commenting that there is no point in quitting now. Gideon sedates Constantine as the rest of the team fret over Constantine’s condition and coming demise.

Charlie slips away and is headed toward the jump ship when she hears voices that refer to her as  “Clotho.” Before she can leave the ship, she runs into Behrad and Zari. Behrad asks where she is going and why she disappeared as Ava summons the team to a meeting on the bridge.


Ava shows the others that she has come up with the Prognosticator, a device that will help predict when and where the Encores will show up so they can stop them before they muck up the timeline. The others aren’t very impressed (except Ray) as Nate comes in on a scooter he calls Scoots Mcgoots, which everyone thinks is super cool.  Ava’s contraption alerts them that there is a Catagory 5 threat in Hong Kong 1997, where an unknown gangster has been moving in on Triad territory. 

— —

Hong Kong – 1997


The team heads off with the plan to sedate the Encore just as Constantine as Ava leaves Zari and Ray to quarterback the mission from the ship. Ava, Charlie, and Behrad are inside as Nate keeps a lookout outside on his scooter.

— —


On the bridge and tells Ray that Constantine is trying to leave the ship


Ray, Gary, and Zari confront him as John says that his sickness is magic, and someone has a grudge against him and that he needs to figure out who it is and get them to stop. Ray tries to stop him and then says that if he is going to go, he is going to come with him. 

— —

Hong Kong –1997 

Nate watches as the Encore arrives and realizes it is Genghis Khan, who wants to control of the Triad so he can conquer the globe. 


Khan enters the restaurant and meets with the Triad bosses, as Behrad says that they need to regroup. Instead, Charlie asks Behrad to create a distraction, and things get crazy as a firefight breaks out between the Triad guards and a trio of undercover female cops who Ava teams up to take down the rest of the bad guys. As Ava and the undercover cop find themselves surrounded and out of ammo, Nate arrives on his scooter and saves them.

Charlie and Behrad follow Khan into the back, and the three end up in a standoff. After they all realize that they have no ammo, Khan escapes and makes his getaway. 

— —

Northumberland County, UK, 2020 Constantine, Ray, and Gary arrive at John’s house and begin working on the cancer situation, specifically finding out who is responsible for his illness. John performs a summoning spell and finds himself in his personal Purgatory 

Once there, Astra shows up and reveals that she has his soul coin and then tries to convince Astra that whatever she’s done to make this happen is a trap. He also tells her that he can change her mother’s fate and fix things, but Astra has to give him more time.  Astra refuses his request and says she won’t won’t play along and give him more time. 

John returns and tells Ray and Gary that Astra is the one behind his cancer and that she found some way to acquire his soul coin and speed up the timetable for his death. 

— —


The Legends regroup and formulate a plan where Charlie will shapeshift and infiltrate Khan’s operation. As everyone prepares for the mission, Nate realizes wh Charlie and Behrad are acting so strangely around each other, as they hooked up with each other.

— —

Hong Kong 1997

Behrad approaches one of Khan’s men and knocks him out as Charlie shapeshifts into his form and goes into the warehouse where Khan is meeting with his gang. As she enters the warehouse, Behrad tells Charlie to be careful. 



Charlie walks in and discovers that Khan has kidnapped one of the undercover cops from the teahouse and threatens her son unless she helps him. The disguised Charlie then learns that Prince Charles is Khan’s targert.

— —

Northumberland County, UK, 2020

Ray summons Nora, who brings her current kid, Pippa, and tells the girl to wish that John was cured. Nora casts a spell, but it doesn’t work. Once it doesn’t work, Nora leaves to take Pippa home as she and Ray say goodbye.  

— —

Car Outside Warehouse

Nate talks to Behrad, asking what is going on, and Behrad says that after they hooked up, Charlie just left without saying goodbye, and it has been awkward ever since then. Khan’s man suggests that it may not be Behrad who is the issue. Nate agrees and tells Behrad that he would be all over a female Behrad, to which Behrad says, a female version like his sister. After an awkward moment, they discover that the gang member has escaped.

— —


As Ava and Zari listen to Khan’s plan through Charlie’s comm, they realize that the plan is to kidnap Price Charles, who is going to be at the ceremony where Britain returns Hong Kong to China and make him turn it over to Khan.  Inside Khan tells the cop, before killing her, that when he was resurrected, he found himself in a tmb, which took him 700 years to dig out of and that his sword was empowered. After he kills the cop, Charlie goes to leave, telling Khan she is going to check on his fleet. 

As she is leaving, she meets the gang member she was impersonating and changes back into her regular form, which causes the man to run off. As Charlie starts to leave, she hears the voices once again and is de=istracted and almost run over by a truck, only to be saved by Behrad. 

— —

Northumberland County, UK, 2020 Constantine continues to find a magic cure to his situation as the Puka tries unsuccessfully to heal himself. Gary tries his best to make John comfortable as John calls Ray Captain America and Gary, the village idiot, and tells Gabriel to go ahead and come and take him. 

— —


Charlie enters the lab and retrieves something from the cabinet as Behrad enters and confronts her, saying he was hurt when she left without saying goodbye. Charlie tells him that having sex with him was mediocre at best, to which Marie Antoinette says mediocre is better than bad. 


Behrad tells Ava that Charlie is leaving as Zari says she may have a lead on Khan’s “fleet.” Ava tells Behrad that he needs to get on the ground and is on his own as the team split up to stop Khan from kidnapping Prince Charles.

  — —

Northumberland County, UK, 2020 Constantine has a conversation with the dog head on his cane and has a change of heart and decides to apologize to Gary and Ray, who are in the kitchen.


Ray is cooking as Gary is wondering what he is going to do without John. John comes in and apologizes to them, and the three begin to share John’s final meal as he tells them about the time he met Winston Churchill’s ghost.


Hong Kong 1997

Nate finds the garage that Khan stored his fleet…of scooters.

Streets of Hong Kong

Behrad sees Khan and his men arrive on scooters and go after Price Charle’s convoy. Behrad knocks one of the thugs off his scooter and follows. Behrad hears gunshots coming from a parking building and ducks in and sees Khan kill the cop who is escorting Prince Charles. Behrad is then captured at gunpoint and taken to Khan, who has taken Prince Charles, prisoner. Behrad apologizes to Prince Charles as Charles says that it is okay and that his friends call him Charlie, as he changes into Charlie.

— —


The real Prince Charles is hanging out with Mick, who is on his beer break.

— —

Hong Kong 1997

Parking Garage

Khan tells Charlie that she will be his 13th wife, to which Charlie declines, saying her past is very complicated. Khan realizes that Charlie and Behrad slept together as his men open fire on Charlie. Behrad jumps in front of her and uses his wind powers to stop the bullets. Charlie grabs Khan’s sword and stabs him making him disappear and then tells the gang members to run. She then tells Behrad that she knew he could stop bullets with his air totem, to which Behrad says this was not how he wanted to test it. 

— —


Charlie tells the other Legends that she is the Fate known as Clotho, the Spinner and she used to spin people’s futures on the Loom before she destroyed it after she realized it was up to individuals to make their own fate, so she destroyed the loom and has been on the run from her sisters ever since.  She also mentions that she has always been one step ahead of them, but know, thanks to the Crisis, the pieces of the Loom are all on the same plane, and her sisters are looking for it. The team tells her that they will help her. As they finish up, Sara returns from Star City and asks what she missed and why there are scooters all over the place. 

— —

Northumberland County, UK, 2020

As the three have dinner, Constantine has Ray read his will, which gives the house to Gary. He also encourages Ray to propose to Nora.  After they share a final toast, Constantine tells them that he was drinking poison to end his own life on his terms.


John finds himself in his own purgatory across the table from Astra as he uses his the last moments to convince her that he can truly save her mother, which means she never goes to Hell, but she has to undo the shortening of his life. As the final seconds tick away, she turns back the clock on the soul coin and tells John he better make good on his promise 

John wakes up at the table, which surprises Ray and Gary and tells them that he convinced Astra that he could save her and her mother, and it is a promise he plans to keep.     

Ripples in the Timestream Episode 5 Rating: 4 of 5 Time Bubbles

This was another solid and fun episode which balanced the two subplots nicely. 

There were plenty of fun, yet eye-rolling moments like the whole bit with the scooters.


The SoulCoins in Neron’s Soul Vault that Astra takes include:

Aside from the Constantine and his lung cancer which is canon for the character, there weren’t any other DCU Connections (I thought maybe the meeting of Churchill’s ghost may be from the comics but couldn’t find it right away without a deep dive.

Episode 6 Mr. Parker’s Cul-De-Sac


Ray plans a date night for him and Nora, but all goes awry when an Encore shows up making the team think on their feet and create a lie to keep the Encore at bay. While trying to fool the Encore, Ava learns what Sara was really doing while she was away and confronts her. Charlie and Constantine make a deal to work together, which will benefit both of them. Meanwhile, Rory is upset when he gets negative comments about his book, so Zari helps track down who the critic is, and Rory gets more than he bargained for. 


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