Cerebro May Already Have the Key to Resurrecting an MCU Avenger

One of Marvel’s strongest Avengers has been killed, and the X-Men may already have the thing that can revive them buried in their archives.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for X-Factor #10 by Leah Williams, David Baldeon, David Messina, Lucas Weneck, Israel Silva & VC’s Joe Caramagna, on sale now.

While the X-Men’s Hellfire Gala was meant to be a spectacle that announced their cosmic ambitions, it ended with the shocking death of Wanda Maximoff. Although Magneto promised to always protect her just moments before, the missing Master of Magnetism is now the prime suspect in her death, a crime for which he’ll go on trial soon.

While Wanda is very much not a mutant in current Marvel continuity, the X-Men and Krakoa’s leaders may already hold the keys to her resurrection thanks to her one-time status as a mutant.

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X-Factor Scarlet Witch Death

After the Scarlet Witch and her brother Quicksilver were considered mutants for decades, that history was wiped away, around the same time that Magneto was revealed to not be their biological father. While those qualities earned her the ignoble title of “The Great Pretender” on Krakoa, was not really their father, the fact that she was considered a mutant means that Krakoa may already have the means to resurrect her.

Wanda Maximoff may have gotten her powers through the tinkering of the High Evolutionary as revealed in 2015’s Uncanny Avengers #4 by Rick Remender, Gerry Dugan, and Daniel Acuna, but the years she spent believing she was a mutant were years that the world spent believing she was a mutant as well. In all of the time that Wanda was considered one of the most powerful mutants in the world, her brainwaves would have surely been scanned by Cerebro as part of Charles Xavier’s quest to back up the collective minds of the world’s mutants, a process that started long before Krakoa was officially founded.

While it’s still not clear how far back Cerebro’s back-ups go, all signs seem to point to Xavier using it to copy the mind of the world’s mutants when Scarlet Witch was considered a mutant. Although the process was designed for mutants, there’s likely no physical impediment to using the Five’s life-restoring powers to resurrect a non-mutant.

If Cerebro still does have a copy of the Scarlet Witch’s brainwaves inside of it, Krakoa could theoretically bring her back to stave off any geo-political problems her demise caused. But given the damage Wanda did by depowering the world’s mutants, there would likely be a number of political, emotional and emotional hurdles to jump over before that happened.

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Theoretically, It isn’t outside the realm of possibility that The Five could create a new body with a proper X-Gene for Wanda if the decision was made to resurrect her. This would not only bring her back, but it would make her both a mutant and citizen of Krakoa in full, giving the still infantile nation yet another powerhouse to lean back on as a sign of their strength and capability. Bringing Wanda back would also be the most obvious road to exoneration for Magneto, considering she would be able to simply say who it was that took her life.

While there’s ultimately no telling if Wanda will be coming back anytime soon, the X-Men may very well kick off the Trial of Mangeto with an ace up their collective sleeve.

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