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Cory Walker Image Comics Invincible Reading Recommendations Robert Kirkman Ryan Ottley

How To Start Reading The Invincible Comic « How To Love Comics

Invincible isn’t like any teen superhero comic you’ve read before. It follows newbie hero, Mark Grayson, as he tries to follow in the footsteps of his father Omni-Man, the world’s greatest hero. Through this premise, the comic explores Mark’s daddy-issues and the toll of increasingly violent superhero battles. With Amazon adapting Invincible as an animated […]

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Curse of the Man-Thing Man-Thing Marvel Comics reading order Reading Recommendations Steve Orlando

Curse of the Man-Thing Reading Order Checklist « How To Love Comics

In a previous life, Dr Theodore Sallis attempted to replicate the Super-Soldier Serum. However, a terrible accident – as well as the combination of the serum and magical forces – has turned him into the swamp creature known as Man-Thing. Now he wanders the Florida Keys, helping strangers and guarding the Nexus of all Realities.  […]

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Captain America Ed Brubaker Marvel Comics Reading Recommendations should read Winter Soldier

7 Winter Soldier Stories You Should Read « How To Love Comics

There are few symbols greater in comic book history than the star-spangled shield of Captain America. Since his debut in 1941, Cap has stood as an icon of not only the American Dream but of righteousness and the good of humanity. But many forget that Captain America didn’t debut alone; he had a young protégé […]

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