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Your First Look at the Finale of Christine Larsen’s Fantastically Hilarious ORCS!

BOOM! Studios today revealed a first look at ORCS! #6, the final issue in the delightfully riveting original six-issue comic book series, by cartoonist Christine Larsen (Adventure Time, By Night), about a band of misfit Orcs who set off into the great, wide Known World in search of glory and gold, but find that the real […]

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Storyworlds Announces FAB Breakout Anthology!

FAB, the hit debut title from UK publisher, Storyworlds, is excited to announce an all-new addition to its fall catalogue, FAB Breakout Book 1: Mad World! The collaboration of short stories which is based on the premise of the FAB series, was announced for open enrollment via Twitter in early 2021. After much deliberation and sifting through an impressive […]

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The Flash #772 “First Look” – Wally West Returns to Central City!

The Speed Force has propelled Wally West across the Multiverse, from its past to its future. Along the way, he’s experienced the whole of existence, from running with dinosaurs to escaping the Legion of Doom, to the tragedies he’s faced at Sanctuary, and even seeing his children take up the mantle of The Flash. But […]

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