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Who Is More Evil Than Thanos? Forgotten Eternal, Uranos the Undying

Kieron Gillen returned to Marvel Comics like a snowball turning into an avalanche. He took the reins of the Eternals franchise and brought them to new depths. For instance, Thanos is now their leader. He’ll also be joining the X-office with Immortal X-Men. Most of all, he’s finally writing a Marvel event: Judgement Day, which […]

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Penultimate Loki Episode Takes Us On A Journey Into Mystery

Why an Alligator Loki? Easy. Because he’s green. As for the other Loki variants our Loki met at the end of The Nexus Event, their stories are both unique and share common elements. The central mystery of Loki thus far has been about the TVA, though we don’t journey too far into that question in […]

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Your Complete Guide To Black Widow In The MCU

Most of us agree that a solo Black Widow film for Marvel has taken a little bit too long. She is a core Avenger with one of the highest on-screen appearances throughout the MCU, while also being one of the only ones who did not get a solo film during the first phases. What gives? […]

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Holiday Geek Gift Guide 2020: Specialty Items

Pfeff-Bot and Maximus Prime are back with another wild assortment of novelty gift ideas for the loved ones in your life – or for you! From Star Trek to The Good Place, this guide is sure to make your end of the year gift shopping easy and fun! Check out our Holiday Geek Gift Guide […]

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Falcon And Winter Soldier Cameo Was Supposed To Be Part of Black Widow

Sometimes life imitates art and makes us feel like we’re all part of a Marvel set. In a Black Widow red carpet video that made us feel like Mobius trying to navigate a new timeline, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige talked about how a Falcon and Winter Soldier cameo was supposed to have appeared first in […]

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Original Ghost Rider #4 – Mike Ploog reprint

Original Ghost Rider #4 Original Ghost Rider v1 #4, 1993 – Reprinting the earliest Ghost Rider comics from the 1970s, this particular issue re-presents Marvel Spotlight #8 with artwork by Mike Ploog. Other artists in this Marvel modern age superhero comic include Joe Quesada (cover).  – – – – – – – – – –Home / Ploog / […]

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The galaxy-spanning Marvel crossover begins on July 21st in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #16! In yesterday’s action-packed GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #15, fans finally learned that the dark threat behind the upcoming cosmic crossover THE LAST ANNIHILATION is none other than Dormammu, Lord of the Dark Dimension! The dreaded Doctor Strange adversary has merged with Ego […]

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Alpha Flight #15 – John Byrne art & cover

John Byrne Alpha Flight v1 #15, 1984 – Marinna goes inexplicably berserk, attacking both her friend Puck and her lover, the Sub-mariner. John Byrne, midway through his superb run, hands off the inking chores to Bob Wiacek. The resulting artwork is no better or worse than previous issues, but is refreshingly different. Byrne’s drawings are […]

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Excalibur #12 Review (X-Men X of Swords Prelude)

Volume 4 Published: September 16, 2020 Publisher: Marvel  Writer: Tini Howard Artist: Marcus to Cover Artist: Mahmud Asrar  Tini Howard’s Excalibur #12 is the first of two prelude issues kicking off X-Men X of Swords. As the official beginning of the 24 issues X of Swords crossover event Excalibur #12 centers on Apocalypse. Along with Apocalypse, this issue features […]

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Astonishing Tales #10 – Barry Windsor Smith art

Astonishing Tales #10 Astonishing Tales v1 #10 featuring Ka-Zar, 1972 – Barry Smith‘s only full length Ka-Zar tale, his artwork mostly fails to meet expectations. The layouts are poorly planned and executed. The drawings are crude and hurried, made worse by Sal Buscema’s passive inking. There are faint semblances of Smith’s talent (see interior page below), but overall the […]

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