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Nickel Comics #1 – 1st Bulletman

Nickel Comics #1 Nickel Comics v1 #1, 1940 – Jim Barr is a scientist and criminologist who creates an antitoxin for evil. Experimenting on himself, he unexpectedly increases his mass and brain power. Vowing to fight crime, he invents an anti-gravity helmet and becomes Bulletman. Also making their first appearances in separate stories are Warlock the Wizard […]

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1960s DC detective comics First appearances First origins Keys Superhero

Detective Comics #359 – 1st Batgirl (key)

Detective Comics #359 Detective Comics v1 #359, 1967 – Seeking to change her persona as a brainy librarian, Barbara Gordon creates a Batman-inspired costume for an upcoming masquerade party. Already trained in martial arts, she gets a taste of the action fighting Killer Moth and his gang. Batgirl subsequently teams up with the dynamic duo. Naturally, her […]

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1940s DC First appearances First origins Keys Superhero

All-American Comics #19 – 1st Atom (key)

All-American Comics #19 All-American Comics v1 #19, 1940 – Small in stature and miserable because of it, Al Pratt befriends an old boxing trainer down on his luck. He offers to help him build up his muscles into fighting shape. Al exceeds expectations, achieving almost super-human strength. In his key first appearance, the golden age Atom foils a kidnapping attempt […]

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1940s First appearances First origins Keys

Military Comics #1 – 1st Blackhawk (key)

Military Comics #1 Military Comics v1 #1, 1941 – During the advent of World War Two, a group of Polish fighter pilots take to the air to fend off a Nazi squadron. Only one crashes and survives, but the enemy in pursuit bombs his family farmhouse. Vowing revenge, the lone pilot adopts a new persona that […]

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