Beast Mode Features Interviews James Duval Movies

James Duval, Star Of The New Film ‘Beast Mode’

James Duval has had a long career in film, featuring in blockbusters like Independence Day and starring in major cult classics like Donnie Darko. The multi-talented actor, who is also a trained musician and yoga instructor, has a resume of well over a hundred credits on IMDb including many films in production right now. On […]

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Climate of the Hunter Dark Star Pictures Features Horror Horror Movies Interviews Mickey Reece Movies

Mickey Reece, Writer/Director Of Arthouse Vampire Film ‘Climate Of The Hunter’

Climate of the Hunter is a new twist on the vampire subgenre of horror. Combining arthouse flair, ‘70s vampire mythos, dark humor, and psychological family drama, it was one of my favorites of the year. The film stars Ginger Gilmartin and Mary Buss as sisters Alma and Elizabeth, who begin to compete for the affections […]

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Andrew Boulton Andrew Boulton interview books content marketing content marketing strategy content writing copywriting Copywriting Is digital marketing Interviews pop culture writing

Content Contradictions, Best Selling Books And Questionable Advice With Copywriter Andrew Boulton – The Comic Vault

The life of a copywriter is often fraught with procrastination, lots of briefs, conflicting advice and the occasional spark of creative brilliance that keeps us all paid and functioning from day-to-day. Andrew Boulton is one such copywriter who’s seen his fair share in the industry and has plenty of war stories to tell. The author […]

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Features Horror Interviews Jordan Graham Movies Sator

Jordan Graham, Writer/Director Of Horror Film ‘Sator’

I can honestly say you have never seen a film like Sator before. More than that, you’ve never heard a story behind a film crazier than that of Sator as well. Sator represents a 7-year journey for Jordan Graham, who did literally everything on this film. He is credited as the writer, director, producer, editor, […]

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ancient history Anderson Silver book interview books history interview Interviews philosophy Stoicism Stoicism For A Better Life

An Interview With Anderson Silver – The Comic Vault

Learning about the philosophy of Stoicism has become an important part of my daily routine and hearing the perspectives of others in the community is always enjoyable.  I recently chatted with author and podcast host Anderson Silver, who’s committed to helping others through talking about Stoicism on his podcast Stoicism For A Better Life and sharing insights in his books.  Read […]

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