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Lucasfilm & Disney Enlisting 7 Anime Studios for ‘Star Wars: Visions’

Twitter Facebook Tumblr Email   At Anime Expo Lite, Disney+ announced the names of the seven Japanese anime studios bringing their unique talent and perspective to “Star Wars: Visions”—a collection of animated short films from Lucasfilm that will stream exclusively on Disney+—and offered fans an exciting special look.   The anime studios revealed were Kamikaze Douga, […]

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Director Patty Jenkins Responds to Recent ‘Rogue Squadron’ Chatter

Director Patty Jenkins Responds to Recent ‘Rogue Squadron’ Chatter Twitter Facebook Tumblr Email   Last year we got the announcement that Patty Jenkins would be helming the upcoming Star Wars: Rogue Squadron movie and The Hollywood Reporter asked the Wonder Woman 1984 director how development is going:   “It’s going amazing. I had been on it already for six months before I even […]

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Zenescope Comics Names New Editor-in-Chief, Publisher, and Marketing Team

Twitter Facebook Tumblr Email   While 2020 brought tons of challenges to several companies, Zenescope Entertainment was able to pivot in key areas and take its business to the next level. To further commit to its initiative of expanding readership, Zenescope has made two key hires in David Wohl and Amber Curtis, and has promoted […]

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Fantast Four Reboot Stalled at Marvel Studios

Fantast Four Reboot Stalled at Marvel Studios Twitter Facebook Tumblr Email   Fantastic Four producer Kevin Feige hopes to announce more Marvel news in the “near future” — but a cast reveal of Marvel’s first family isn’t coming any time “soon,” reports. The Marvel Studios president formally announced the Fantastic Four reboot in December, setting Spider-Man director Jon Watts to bring […]

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