Gold Key

1970s Digests Gold Key Horror Williamson

Mystery Comics Digest #4 – Al Williamson reprint

Mystery Comics Digest #4 Mystery Comics Digest v1 #4, 1972 – Collecting previously published stories from Gold Key’s horror line, this digest stands out with a memorable Al Williamson tale. “The Flaming Scar” first appeared in Ripley’s Believe It or Not v2 #1. Other artists in this Gold Key bronze age horror comic include George Evans, Dan Spiegle, Sal Trapani and […]

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1960s Adventure Gold Key Toth

Zorro v2 #8 – Alex Toth reprints

Zorro v2 #8 (Walt Disney presents) Zorro v2 #8, 1967 – This issue contains the first reprinting of Dell’s Four Color Comics v2 #933 including “Garcia’s Secret”, “The King’s Emissary” and “Fiesta”. Though these versions are slightly smaller than the originals, this series does an acceptable job at reproducing Alex Toth‘s artwork. This silver age […]

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