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Hawkeye: First Reviews Very Positive; MCU Timeline Setting Revealed

Hawkeye: First Reviews Very Positive; MCU Timeline Setting Revealed One of the more anticipated projects in Marvel’s Phase Four titles, and the last to feature a character from the original Avengers films, Hawkeye debuted on Disney+ today and already Rotten Tomatoes has posted its cumulative scores from critics and users. From the looks of things […]

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Obama’s ‘We the People’ Netflix Series: Crappy #Woke ‘School House Rock’

Twitter Facebook Tumblr Email   We the People on Netflix is a ten-part animated series created by Barack and Michelle Obama that aims to “reframe” how youngsters think about the United States government, American history, and civic involvement. The greatest thing I can say about this flimsy civics course is that each episode is only […]

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Lovecraft Country Killed Off: HBO Cancels Racially Divisive TV Series

Twitter Facebook Tumblr Email   Lovecraft Country on HBO will not be renewed for a second season, making it the latest woke, social-justice-themed show to be canceled.  Deadline is reporting that HBO has decided to cancel the Misha Green series, which was related to the works of H.P. Lovecraft in name only. The show, which […]

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Lucasfilm & Disney Enlisting 7 Anime Studios for ‘Star Wars: Visions’

Twitter Facebook Tumblr Email   At Anime Expo Lite, Disney+ announced the names of the seven Japanese anime studios bringing their unique talent and perspective to “Star Wars: Visions”—a collection of animated short films from Lucasfilm that will stream exclusively on Disney+—and offered fans an exciting special look.   The anime studios revealed were Kamikaze Douga, […]

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Upcoming ‘Alien’ FX Series Premise Virtually Guarantees No One Will Watch

Twitter Facebook Tumblr Email   When I saw that FX had an “Alien” series in development I admit my eyebrows raised up quite a bit. That is, until I read the premise:   Ridley Scott’s 1979 original focused on cosmic merchant marines who discover wreckage with deadly cargo aboard, while James Cameron’s 1986 sequel, Aliens, was about actual […]

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Director Patty Jenkins Responds to Recent ‘Rogue Squadron’ Chatter

Director Patty Jenkins Responds to Recent ‘Rogue Squadron’ Chatter Twitter Facebook Tumblr Email   Last year we got the announcement that Patty Jenkins would be helming the upcoming Star Wars: Rogue Squadron movie and The Hollywood Reporter asked the Wonder Woman 1984 director how development is going:   “It’s going amazing. I had been on it already for six months before I even […]

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Agenda Confirmed: Gay Activist TV Creators Admit to Programming Kids

Twitter Facebook Tumblr Email For anyone paying attention to their televisions, it’s been obvious that there has been an explosion of gay content in entertainment for kids in recent years, including specialty transgender Pride parades and concerts on Nick Jr. and Disney Jr., as well as an increasing number of LGBTQ characters. Even Sesame Street featured married […]

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Marvel Studios Begins Production on ‘Secret Invasion’ TV Series

Marvel Studios Begins Production on ‘Secret Invasion’ TV Series Twitter Facebook Tumblr Email   Marvel’s Secret Invasion will begin shooting within the next month, this according to actor Christopher McDonald who was talking to The Movie Dweeb in an interview. The Happy Gilmore actor said: “I’m going to come to London to make this thing happen in a month’s time, […]

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Antony Starr Promises that ‘The Boys’ Season 3 Will be Worth the Wait

Antony Starr Promises that ‘The Boys’ Season 3 Will be Worth the Wait Twitter Facebook Tumblr Email   While it seems like forever since we got the season two finale of The Boys, the show is only halfway through production on season three and still filling out the cast as we’ve been getting quite a […]

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Michael Dougherty’s ‘Trick ‘r Treat’ Pops Up on HBO Max

Michael Dougherty’s ‘Trick ‘r Treat’ Pops Up on HBO Max Twitter Facebook Tumblr Email   Even though we’re still three months away from Halloween, one of the best movies to watch for the spooky season has found a new streaming home. Michael Dougherty’s Trick ‘r Treat, the classic horror anthology movie from 2009, is now available […]

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