*** **** ***** 1970s Charlton Ditko Horror Newton

Ghost Manor v2 #22 – Steve Ditko art, Don Newton art & cover

Don Newton Ghost Manor v2 #22, 1975 – An executioner dotes over his electric chair, recalling many of the victims he killed over the years. After a slow start, Steve Ditko‘s engaging layouts and sometimes jarring artwork reflect the lead character’s twisted nature. Don Newton‘s tale tells of a young man who inherits an old, decrepit mansion. The artist […]

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*** 1980s Ditko Horror Magazines Misc Pub

Monsters Attack #1 – Steve Ditko art

Monsters Attack #1 Monsters Attack v1 #1, 1989 – Self-described “weird tales of horror”, this magazine series is not unlike the Warren horror titles from the previous decade. In Steve Ditko’s tale, an unscrupulous man turns a scientist’s experiment against him, and suffers the consequences. Ditko’s draftsmanship is less than stellar, but his level of […]

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