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TBU Comic Podcast Season 13: Episode 15

Ian Miller A latecomer to comics – I started reading Bruce Wayne: Murderer, Birds of Prey, Hush, and War Games in college. Over a decade and a half later, I’m still inspired by Batman, and especially the Bat-Family (Stephanie Brown!) I started out listening to BTO, then Stella drew me to TBUCP, I volunteered to […]

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Detective Comics #359 – 1st Batgirl (key)

Detective Comics #359 Detective Comics v1 #359, 1967 – Seeking to change her persona as a brainy librarian, Barbara Gordon creates a Batman-inspired costume for an upcoming masquerade party. Already trained in martial arts, she gets a taste of the action fighting Killer Moth and his gang. Batgirl subsequently teams up with the dynamic duo. Naturally, her […]

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Top Batman and Detective Comic Searches

We have been playing with all sorts of search data lately to see what interesting things we can share with the community.  The following list is the top Batman and Detective searches for the first 5 months of 2020.  Some things to consider before checking out this list.  Things that are newer are more likely […]

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