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Whisper Network Sycophants in Access Media Going After Nick Spencer

Twitter Facebook Tumblr Email   According to Inverse, in a fishy article penned by Whisper Network propagandist Graeme McMillan, the Substack webhost’s special project for getting into comic publishing is allegedly fumbling, and they also have something most intriguing to say about Nick Spencer, who was hired by the company to work on their venture […]

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Captain America Ed Brubaker Marvel Comics Reading Recommendations should read Winter Soldier

7 Winter Soldier Stories You Should Read « How To Love Comics

There are few symbols greater in comic book history than the star-spangled shield of Captain America. Since his debut in 1941, Cap has stood as an icon of not only the American Dream but of righteousness and the good of humanity. But many forget that Captain America didn’t debut alone; he had a young protégé […]

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