Blog Update (or why I haven’t been posting)

So like most people, my life has been gone topsy-turvey and the fact that comics are currently not shipping but I have been working on a few comic related things so here we go. I will eventually get back to the CW Shows but right now just don’t have the time. Tune into the FB Page and YouTube Channel for more interviews coming down the pike.

Writing News for Comics-Watch

Check out my articles HERE  (Lots of information about the current state of the comics industry)

Writing Lists for Comic Book Resources

GoLive Interviews:

Interview with Mark Russell (Second Coming, The Flintstones, Snagglepuss, Billionaire Island)

Advanced Review and Interview with Mark Russell on SECOND COMING


Social Distancing Interviews via Skype 

Roundtable discussion with the League of Evil Geeks Brain Trust

Stay safe… Social Distance… and stay tuned…


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