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*** 1940s Frazetta ME Western

Durango Kid #2 – Frank Frazetta art

Durango Kid #2 Durango Kid v1 #2, 1949 – When indians ready to attack a fort full of settlers, Dan Brand and Tipi try to negotiate a resolution. Frank Frazetta‘s muscular figures fill the bulk of the pages, rendered in fine detail along with the faces and backgrounds. Special attention seems placed in a few key panels, such as Lt. […]

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*** **** ***** 1970s Charlton Ditko Horror Newton

Ghost Manor v2 #22 – Steve Ditko art, Don Newton art & cover

Don Newton Ghost Manor v2 #22, 1975 – An executioner dotes over his electric chair, recalling many of the victims he killed over the years. After a slow start, Steve Ditko‘s engaging layouts and sometimes jarring artwork reflect the lead character’s twisted nature. Don Newton‘s tale tells of a young man who inherits an old, decrepit mansion. The artist […]

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* 1970s Adventure marvel Smith

Astonishing Tales #10 – Barry Windsor Smith art

Astonishing Tales #10 Astonishing Tales v1 #10 featuring Ka-Zar, 1972 – Barry Smith‘s only full length Ka-Zar tale, his artwork mostly fails to meet expectations. The layouts are poorly planned and executed. The drawings are crude and hurried, made worse by Sal Buscema’s passive inking. There are faint semblances of Smith’s talent (see interior page below), but overall the […]

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