Author: Ted Ignacio

*** 1980s Adams Pacific Superhero

Ms Mystic #2 – Neal Adams art & cover

Neal Adams Ms. Mystic v1 #2, 1984 – As Ms. Mystic travels in the astral plane, aliens suddenly kidnap her unconscious body. A good portion of the book is divided into two storylines, running parallel on the same double-page spreads. Like the previous issue, Neal Adams‘ pencils and layouts are instantly recognizable, starting with an exceptional birds-eye view […]

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1970s DC Horror Mis-attributions Redondo

Witching Hour #24 – mis-attributed Nestor Redondo art

Witching Hour v1 #24, 1972 – No Nestor Redondo art in this issue, despite what some comic book price guides say. The artist’s work does appear in 5 other issues of the Witching Hour. Other artists in this DC bronze age horror comic include John Calnan, Alfredo Alcala, Norm Maurer and Jack Sparling. Cover by Nick Cardy.  – – – – – […]

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*** 1980s Ditko Horror Magazines Misc Pub

Monsters Attack #1 – Steve Ditko art

Monsters Attack #1 Monsters Attack v1 #1, 1989 – Self-described “weird tales of horror”, this magazine series is not unlike the Warren horror titles from the previous decade. In Steve Ditko’s tale, an unscrupulous man turns a scientist’s experiment against him, and suffers the consequences. Ditko’s draftsmanship is less than stellar, but his level of […]

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1940s First appearances First origins Keys

Military Comics #1 – 1st Blackhawk (key)

Military Comics #1 Military Comics v1 #1, 1941 – During the advent of World War Two, a group of Polish fighter pilots take to the air to fend off a Nazi squadron. Only one crashes and survives, but the enemy in pursuit bombs his family farmhouse. Vowing revenge, the lone pilot adopts a new persona that […]

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1960s Adventure Gold Key Toth

Zorro v2 #8 – Alex Toth reprints

Zorro v2 #8 (Walt Disney presents) Zorro v2 #8, 1967 – This issue contains the first reprinting of Dell’s Four Color Comics v2 #933 including “Garcia’s Secret”, “The King’s Emissary” and “Fiesta”. Though these versions are slightly smaller than the originals, this series does an acceptable job at reproducing Alex Toth‘s artwork. This silver age […]

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*** 1980s Byrne marvel Superhero

Alpha Flight #15 – John Byrne art & cover

John Byrne Alpha Flight v1 #15, 1984 – Marinna goes inexplicably berserk, attacking both her friend Puck and her lover, the Sub-mariner. John Byrne, midway through his superb run, hands off the inking chores to Bob Wiacek. The resulting artwork is no better or worse than previous issues, but is refreshingly different. Byrne’s drawings are […]

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1960s Ads

Record Riot – Pencil Ink

Hit Records Hit Records comic book ad, 1960s – Sixty smash songs on 10 long playing records for $2.98 postage paid. Rock, Rhythm, Blues and Folk hits. Curious to know whether these were recordings of the original artists or knock offs. Published in Thor #126. Source link

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Baker Miscellany Williamson

Miscellany – Quiz on Baker and Williamson

Quiz: What was the only comic that Matt Baker and Al Williamson ever collaborated on? Answer – – – – – – – – – – Home / Miscellany Source link

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