Author: Taylor Bauer

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Hayao Miyazaki Coming Out Of Retirement To Make One More Movie

You can’t always take a creative’s word for it when we talk retirement. The act of leaving something you love to either free up your time or explore new endeavors is often fluid. While it’s not uncommon for older creators to call it quits, Studio Ghibli founder Hayao Miyazaki announced his retirement many times before […]

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Comic Review Comics IDW Star Wars Star Wars: The High Republic The High Republic The High Republic Adventures

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #5 Review

It’s been awhile! Last time we checked in on IDW’s The High Republic Adventures was back in May. A bit of a longer period between releases didn’t impact the story’s momentum. As soon as I picked up this latest issue of the series, I immediately remembered why I love this current run. In this review of […]

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4K Switch GAMING Nintendo Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch OLED Screen OLED Switch Portable Gaming Switch Pro

OLED Nintendo Switch Launching this October

A Switch Pro announcement was rumored to be coming this summer. Speculation placed the new console in all sorts of realms of upgrade. For example, some wondered if this would be the 4K console fit for upcoming releases like Breath of the Wild 2. In a way, we’re getting that upgraded Switch console but it’s […]

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GAMING Mario Mario Golf Mario Golf Super Rush Mushroom Kingdom Nintendo Super Mario

Mario Golf Super Rush Review for Nintendo Switch

Golf is a fairly divisive sport. Not many casual fans like to watch it on TV. Fewer can play very well in real life. It’s a sport that really requires consistent reps to improve your game. It’s much easier to stay home and play something like Mario Golf which takes an arcade approach to the sport. […]

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