Author: Ian Miller

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TBU Comic Podcast Season 13: Episode 15

Ian Miller A latecomer to comics – I started reading Bruce Wayne: Murderer, Birds of Prey, Hush, and War Games in college. Over a decade and a half later, I’m still inspired by Batman, and especially the Bat-Family (Stephanie Brown!) I started out listening to BTO, then Stella drew me to TBUCP, I volunteered to […]

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Review: Batman Secret Files: The Signal #1

Overview: In Batman Secret Files: The Signal #1, Duke Thomas, the Signal, deals with betrayal and a whole new world of super crime as he returns to patrolling Gotham during the day shift.   Synopsis (spoilers ahead): Batman Secret Files: The Signal #1 opens with a splash of the Signal’s head under the boot of […]

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Review: Catwoman 2021 Annual #1

Overview: In Catwoman 2021 Annual #1, as Father Valley prepares for an explosive showdown with Catwoman, we learn his bloody backstory with the Order of St. Dumas and the father of Jean-Paul Valley, Azrael himself.   Synopsis (spoilers ahead): Catwoman 2021 Annual #1 begins in an empty cathedral, with Father Valley bathing, and then proceeds […]

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