How To Send a Snap To Your Snapchat Followers.

After successfully creating your Snapchat account, you should learn about the basics on this platform before you start looking for Snapchat followers. It will be useless to add other users but you unable to send a snap to start the conversation. Follow these steps to send your first snap onSnapchat.

After selecting a snap to send, determine if you want to remain with a copy since when you send to your followers, it is gone forever. If you want to have a copy, download it on the home screen of your Snapchat app. Once convinced of the snap to send, tap on ‘Send’ at the lower-right corner to open your friend’s list. Since you can send that snap to many of your Snapchat followers at once, choose the one’s you want to view your snap on their end before it disappears. After selecting them, tap on the ‘send’ button and your recipient will receive it immediately. You can opt to add your photo instead to ‘my story’ to enable your followers to view the same for up to 24 hours before it completely disappears. They can replay it over and over in that period.